Vow: Chapter II
For months and months Youngjae wondered how his first day of school would be. He wondered what sort of characters his future teachers might be like; would they like him? Would he like them? He has gone over so many scenarios from stern stuck ups to the jolly "let's all get along" types. However nothing would have prepared him for this. Not once did he expect that the man he almost got in a fight with earlier would be one of his teachers. Youngjae enters the classroom quietly bowing his down. Hoping the teacher doesn't notice him, he sits at the very back of the class.

Which evidently was a very wrong decision.
"Young man in the back, why don't you connect with the rest of the world and move up a bit"Collapse )

Vow: Chapter I
Youngjae trudges up the stairs of the quiet apartment building, luggage in tow. Joy is one the few emotions flowing through his body, sparking at his spine and fizzling at the tip of his tongue. His smile is ever present since he got his acceptance letter to college. Those days of him waiting for a response were nerve wracking.

It isn't long before he makes it up to his apartment which is on the fourth floor. He fidgets for his keys, almost dropping them a couple of times before he finally gets it into the keyhole. It would be the first time he'll be seeing the apartment. During the college tour they were let in the building but weren't able to see the individual apartments. When he's in, his jaw drops at the size of the living room that sits facing him. It definitely beats out his living room at home. To his right is his bedroom and to his left is the kitchen with only a wall separating it from the living room.

He makes it to the bedroom and plops down on his bed. "I made it mom" he mumbles to himself. He thinks back to his mother's face covered in tears while he lays on his bed. His mother was always an over dramatic person. He thinks back to when he won a science contest in the fifth grade and she cried all the way home. He chuckles at the memory.
Just as he's about to close his eyes, the doorbell rings.
A girl and a plate of cookies greets him when he opens the doorCollapse )


Vow: A Prologue
He knew she would come for him eventually, but he didn't think it'd be now. As soon as he sees her, standing by the fountain that stands in the middle of his university, her menacing smile, and strikingly yellow eyes looking at him, he runs, and he runs fast.

He nearly trips on the jagged edge of concrete that is the entrance to his school, dashing past his fellow classmates. He runs down the long avenue that begins across the street from his school. He feels her laughing at the tip of his ear and he jerks his head to look back but he sees no one. He knows better than to think that he's lost her. He continues on his way, running, his converse sneakers are starting to hurt his heels, rubbing against them mercilessly. Not far away he sees the park and with bated breath, he sighs in relief.
"I'm right behind you!"
Before he knows it, he feels her ice cold hand grip his wristCollapse )


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